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Point of Sale.

At PayLab user experience is job one, so we believe a vending transaction should be as simple as waving your hand and making your selection. With that goal in mind PayLab has leveraged existing industry protocols, including MDB and DEX, while eliminating road blocks that limit access to the consumer, including NFC and card swipe technologies. For the end user PayLab is an efficient and convenient tool well suited to their on-demand lifestyle. For vend operators PayLab represents an opportunity to drive revenues while engaging consumes at the point-of-sale and beyond.


Using the app is as easy and intuitive . To make a purchase simply open the PayLab app and connect with our embedded point-of-sale device and an array of sensors and imaging software, along with our cloud based servers take care of the rest. Notably, PayLab does not depend on NFC to process transactions, which would limit access to roughly half of the available smart phone market. Instead, we use a combination of embedded hardware and geo-location to identify the user, creating an intuitive frictionless transaction.


PayLab goes beyond payments. We provide a platform for vendors to actively engage the consumer, creating new marketing categories in the process. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices, combined with advances in hardware, allow PayLab to create an interactive gateway between the consumer and vend operator. In fact, our device is constantly ``learning`` about both the consumer and the location and translating that data into actionable intelligence that it can then use to drive traffic and ultimately revenues.

Get Connected.

Available for both iOS and Android, our apps are easily downloaded to your mobile device and include an embedded payment mechanism, making it easy to reload value, track your purchase history or manage a family account. In addition to facilitating transactions, the app can also be used for a variety of secondary purposes, including locating a machine or product, calorie disclosure, parental controls and marketing and promo campaigns. For the consumer the app is simple and frictionless. Simply open the app, engage with our embedded point-of-sale device and PayLab takes care of the rest.

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